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Latvian transportation company specializing in oversized cargo transportation with its own fleet from the EU to CIS countries and Asia, and back.

SINCE 1997



Project cargos and custom solutions.

Fast calculation of the cost of transportation and professional drivers.

  • 45 trucks of EURO 5, 6 standards with GPS system.

  • 65 special low loader / sliding trailers from 2 to 10 axles.

A sufficient number of Permits (permissions) from/to the 3rd countries, access to the TIR system.

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Previous projects

Main operational activity

BOLIVAR LOGISTIC Group of Companies is a professional in the field of complex multimodal oversized transportation from the EU countries to any point in the CIS countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Mongolia, as well as reverse transportation from these regions.


We are ready to provide safe and efficient transportation of cargoes of any size and weight using   high-tech equipment and the expertise of our team of professionals.

Years of experience and established relationships with contractors in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries, as well as in Turkey, Ukraine, and the Balkans, enable us to successfully carry out the most complex tasks related to cargo transportation and achieve the necessary results. We guarantee our clients fast resolution of all issues and provide full legal support during cargo transportation.

We offer an individual approach for each client, guaranteeing high-quality services and reliability in cargo transportation. Our team of professionals is ready to develop an optimal route and provide all necessary permits and documents for the safe and efficient transportation of your cargo. You can fully trust us and be confident that your cargo will be delivered on time and intact.


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